Lodge on Queen
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Why Choose LOQ



The Gem Hunter’s Lodge on Queen provides a single cancellation policy to equally protect hosts and guests.

If a guest cancels a booking

  • Full refund within 48 hours of payment, less service fee

  • 50% refund within 28 days of payment, less service fee

  • No refunds after 28 days of payment

  • No refunds when the event check-in is less than 7 days away

If a host cancels a booking

  • 100% refund to the guest

  • $150 cancellation fee, and a hold on future payouts to recover costs incurred by the cancellation

Fee may be waived in extenuating circumstances such as damage to the space resulting in unsafe conditions, subject to proof of circumstance and The Gem Hunter’s Lodge on Queen’s approval..

If a guest wishes to reschedule a booking:

  • Free when rescheduling within 48 hours of payment

  • 15% service fee for rescheduling more than 48 hours after payment

Booking transfers to other parties and change of dates are only permitted with written approval from The Gem Hunter’s Lodge on Queen.